Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

Important Things to Know About the Purposes of a Sump Pit

Darlene Stanley

If you have a basement in your home, you probably have a sump pit too. In this pit, you will find a pump, which is used to carry water away from the home and into your yard. Sump pumps are great for keeping water out of basements, but they are often used improperly. Here are several important things you should know to make sure your home is using the sump pit for what it was designed for.

The Primary Purpose of a Sump Pit and Pump

Sump pits and pumps are primarily installed in homes simply to keep water away from the homes. When it rains a lot, the water table in your yard may rise. Once the water reaches a certain point, the sump pit will detect it, and the sump pump will kick on. As this happens, the pump forces the water through a pipe and out into your yard.

This is a highly beneficial device to have in your home, and it can prevent water damage from occurring. While this is the main use of a sump pump, there are several other ways you can use it.

Things That Can Drain into Your Sump Pit

In addition to forcing groundwater away from your home, you can also have certain types of devices tied to the pit to help prevent other types of problems to make life simpler. One example of this is a dehumidifier. If you have a musty, damp basement, you can run a dehumidifier to help remove the moisture from the air. If you purchase the right type of dehumidifier, you can actually run a hose from it to the sump pit. By doing this, you will never have to drain the reservoir in the device. It will automatically go into the sump pump as moisture is pulled from the air.

Another good use for a sump pit is a tray used by certain types of appliances, such as a washing machine. If you have a washing-machine tray, it will sit under the machine. If the machine leaks water for any reason, the tray will catch the water. The water will then leave the tray through a hose that runs to the sump pit. Having one of these is another great way to prevent water damage in your home.

You can also tie a water softener to your sump pit. When the water softener recharges, it will use water, and this type of water is safe for your sump pit.

Things That Should Not Drain into Your Sump Pit

While there are things you can use a sump pit for, there are also things that it should not be used for. For example, you should not have your washing machine tied to the sump pit for draining. If this is how yours is set up, you should change that. The water used in your washing machine is wastewater, and this type of water really does not belong in a sump pit. This type of water should actually be tied to your septic system.

Any type of wastewater in your home should enter your septic system and not your sump pit. This includes water from sinks, tubs, dishwashers, and toilets. Wastewater is contaminated, and you will not want this water landing directly in your yard. If you currently have anything tied to your sump pit that should not be, you should hire a plumber to fix the issues.

If you have any questions about your sump pit and pump, or if you believe your home may have some issues with the way it is being used, contact a plumber such as Absolute Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Services Inc in your area today. 


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