Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

If Your Pipes Are Noisy, Look For Signs Of These Three Problems

Darlene Stanley

Your plumbing pipes can make various noises when the water is on or off, and sometimes it's just a random quirk, like noise from the house settling. However, it is possible for those sounds to indicate something is wrong. Three causes are behind a lot of those noises you might hear. So, if your plumbing starts to make strange noises, start looking for one of these three issues to see if you can stop the noise quickly.

Water Hammer

If you hear a series of short, sharp raps in the wall, often very loud and often after someone's turned off a faucet, chances are you have water hammer. This occurs when the water pressure is high enough to send water speeding toward valves, and when those valves are closed, the water bangs into the valve, ricocheting back down the pipe. Then the water does a little back-and-forth thing where it hits another part of the pipe, then heads back to the valve, and so on. To stop water hammer, have a plumber locate the problem valve and install a pressure reducing valve to stop the noise.

Water Pressure

Sometimes water pressure can be the cause of rattling pipes when the water is on. When water pressure is too high, it can zoom through the pipes and make them shake. Again, installing a pressure regulator is best; do this as soon as you can because the rattling and shaking, not to mention the high pressure that the water places on the pipes and fixtures, can damage the fixtures. It can also cause a pipe to wrench loose from its moorings inside your home's walls, which would only create more noise.

Missing Brackets

And just as that pipe could come loose because of too much water pressure, it can become loose because someone forgot to secure it. If you're hearing a lot of banging noises when you turn on the water, and you know your home's water pressure is fine, you could have a loose pipe. Pipes are held to the wall with brackets, and if one is missing or has popped out, the pipe can shake as water runs through it, even at normal pressure. Have a plumber locate the pipe and add brackets.

It's best to have a plumber do these instead of attempting them yourself because the plumber will be able to spot additional problems that you might not realize are present. Call a plumber like those found at Midwestern Plumbing Service as soon as you have issues with noise — don't let it get worse.


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Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

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