Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

4 Types Of Portable Restrooms That You Can Rent For Your Event

Darlene Stanley

If you are planning a large event this spring and you don't have enough restrooms inside of your home or the event area for everyone who will attend, your best alternative is to rent some portable restrooms. Here is a quick overview of the four different types of portable restrooms that you can rent for your event.

#1 Basic Porta Potty

A basic porta potty is of the classic blue variety that most people are familiar with. Inside of a basic porta potty is a toilet as well as a urinal. The bathroom comes stocked with toilet paper as well. It is basic and simple, but it provides a solid bathroom that can be used at virtually any event. Due to the small size of a basic porta potty, you also don't need a lot of space for it either.

#2 Standard Porta Potty With Sink

A standard porta potty with a sink is a step up from a basic porta potty. It also comes equipped with a toilet as well as urinal, and it is stocked with toilet paper. This type of porta potty also has a very small sink built into the inside of the bathroom. It generally comes with some basic foaming soap, and water comes out of the built-in sink. The water may be more room temperature than warm, but it provides users an ability to wash their hands and stop the spread of germs.

If your event includes touching common objects or the eating of food, it is best to go with a standard porta potty with a sink built in over a basic porta potty.

Slightly larger than a basic porta potty, it is still small enough to fit into just about any event space.

#3 Deluxe Flushable Restroom

A deluxe flushable restroom is about the size of two basic porta potties, so you may not be able to fix as many restrooms in the same space, but the bathroom will have a nicer feel to it.

A deluxe flushable restroom feels much more like a traditional bathroom. It has a traditional toilet that you can flush, so there is not waste that is visible in the toilet. The sink is also a little larger compared to the standard porta potty with sink. The sink doesn't require the use of your hands; it can be powered with a foot pedal, keeping things as clean as possible. It provides running water and soap. There is also a built-in trashcan.

#4 Handicap Restroom

Finally, if you are planning a large public event, you are going to want to make sure that you have a handicap restroom available. Handicap restrooms have a lot more space in them compared to traditional restrooms. Although the most basic set-up just includes a toilet, you can also upgrade to a handicap restroom that has a sink in it as well. 

To learn more about your options, contact a company like Walters Portable Toilets.


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