Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

Three Things That Love To Clog Your Kitchen Drains

Darlene Stanley

It's something that's happened to everyone at least a time or two. You go to pour something down your kitchen sink and it just pools in defiance, refusing to go down the drain. Knowing your kitchen's primary culprits for a clogged drain is the first step toward having free-flowing drains on a permanent basis.

Grease Clogs

Grease is a popular enemy of most drains. Not only does it coat your plumbing, but it encourages every other piece of debris that goes down your drain to stick to it. To prevent a grease clog, first, try to avoid putting grease down your drain as much as possible. If you notice your drain slowing, run very hot water down the drain with one-part vinegar. Keeping running the hot water until your kitchen drain flows freely for several minutes.

Pasta And Rice

Like a grease clog, pasta and rice can form a coating on your pipes and encourage other debris to stick to your pipes. This becomes an even stickier situation when small pieces of pasta and rice make it down your drain routinely. These small pieces can gather and form a clump just beyond the bend in your sink piping. The starches in pasta and rice are regularly used to make pastes and can create quite a clog when left to sit. To help keep your kitchen drains clear of a starchy clog, flush them regularly with a baking soda and vinegar solution. Then pour hot water down your drain until it runs freely. These clogs tend to be a little softer and a little more forgiving if they happen.  


It sounds counter intuitive, but some soaps can lead to clogged drains. Soaps laden with moisturizers can be a major culprit of clogs as they moisturizers coat your drains. However, even regular dish washing soaps can be at fault. Sometimes the soaps react chemically with other items being poured down the drain and harden.

 Flushing your drains thoroughly after you wash dishes or your hands is a great way to prevent soap from hardening in your drains. Avoid using caustic cleaners if your drains are solidly clogged with soap. Often, bar soaps can harden in the drain and many caustic cleaners will simply float on top. If you ultimately have to remove the pipe, the caustic cleaners will spill out. Usually, the best method to clear a soap clog is a drain snake and hot water. For more information, check with a company like Eliminator Plumbing today.


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Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

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