Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

3 Prevention Measures Commercial Properties Can Take For Backflow

Darlene Stanley

Backflow is a huge concern for commercial properties today. It refers to contaminants and non-potable water entering your company's pipes. Such contamination could cause serious and even life-threatening illnesses. Prevent these problems from happening in your commercial sector by taking the following prevention measures. 

Install the Right Prevention Devices 

A lot of your company's backflow issues can easily be thwarted if you have the right devices installed on your property. An air gap, for example, is an important device that separates the water supply from the accessories used in your building. The drinking water won't get contaminated, and these devices are rather simple to install.

Another accommodating device for backflow prevention is a prevention valve, which ultimately works like an air gap. It's designed to prevent contaminated water outside from reaching the interior plumbing. Pressure vacuum breakers are also fairly common because of their affordability and little to no maintenance is required. 

Monitor Nearby Water Hoses 

A lot of times, the water hoses around your property are responsible for backflow. As such, you need to make sure you take the right precautions with them. Avoid leaving these hoses out because excess water could collect that then creates breeding grounds for bacteria. This bacteria could then work its way up the hose all the way inside your commercial structures. 

It's also important to watch what you connect the hoses around your commercial property to. For instance, setting them up on hand-held fertilizers increases your chances of contaminating the water and causing all of your employees to get sick. 

Have Professionals Test for Backflow 

Every year, it's absolutely critical that your company tests for backflow issues as a precaution, which can be executed quickly and safely when you hire plumbers who have their backflow certification. They'll start by turning the water supply off and checking to see if there are any water pressure issues. 

They'll also check to see if the backflow prevention devices are working correctly. If they aren't, new systems can be set up before complex issues result. They'll also recommend maintenance tips that help you keep these systems working efficiently well after they have been installed. 

Backflow is a serious issue that your company should never take lightly. Observe the right safety protocol and hire professionals who know how to check for backflow. These prevention tips can keep you and the surrounding community safe from dangerous contamination each day. 

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