Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

How To Fix A Gurgling Sink

Darlene Stanley

A gurgling sink is something you don't want to hear, but it happens. Many things could be the cause of gurgling sinks, from improper installation to blocked sewers. It could happen when you flush the toilet or just run the sink by itself. It is important to fix this problem as soon a possible, to avoid more damage. Fix the sink gurgling by following these steps.

Fix Gurgling When Toilet is Flushed

To fix gurgling, gather:

  • plastic gloves
  • rags
  • bucket
  • hose
  • ladder
  • duct tape
  • channel locking pliers
  • plunger
  • sewer snake

If you smell gas, or you don't know the source of strange smells, don't proceed, and call a plumber. Sink pipes and P-traps may produce hydrogen sulfide and methane, which commonly smell like rotten eggs. 

If you don't smell gas, cover the sink drain with duct tape, and plunge the toilet. The duct tape over the sink opening holds the force from plunging in the piping. Sometimes, the waste pipes getting slightly blocked, which could push air into the drain. 

Uncover the drain, and flush the toilet. If you still hear gurgling in the sink after flushing the toilet, repeat the procedure.

Check the P-trap

The P-trap is the oval or round piece installed on the tail pipe under the sink. The gurgling could be caused by air flowing past a blocked P-trap.

Set a bucket under the sink, and use the pliers to detach the locking nuts on the P-trap. Check the P-trap for blockages, and run a snake up the pipe. Turn the snake handle in small increments, until you feel a blockage. Then, unwind the snake to break the blockage, reinstall the P-trap, and test the sink. 

If the sink still gurgles, check the air admittance valve, or cheater's valve, located on the P-trap arm. Replace damaged valves by unscrewing them with the channel locking pliers, and attaching a new one.

Inspect the Roof Plumbing Vent

Set a ladder on flat ground to reach the roof vent, which is usually directly over the bathroom. Only climb to the roof if you feel comfortable working from heights. 

For extra safety, attach a roof harness, or get someone to hold it for you. Roofing vents often get blocked by bird's nests, leaves, and other debris.

Connect a garden hose, and run it down the vent to help break the blockage. Run the snake down the vent to completely remove obstructions, and ensure screens are clean, if applicable. After you clear the blockage, spray more water to make certain the vent has cleared.

If you feel uncomfortable with any of the described procedures, contact plumbing contractors who can solve the problem for you.


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