Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

PEX Piping – Is It The Solution For Your Plumbing Repiping Job?

Darlene Stanley

If you have a project around your home that requires some plumbing to be repiped, there's one product that you need to learn a little about – PEX piping. What is PEX piping and how can it help you with your project? Here, you'll learn all about PEX piping, including the cost, the benefits and the disadvantages of use.

What is PEX piping?

PEX piping is made of manufactured plastic. It is designed to be flexible making it easier to install with fewer parts and connections. Due to it being plastic, the soldering step in the piping process is eliminated, and the flexibility allows for it to be maneuvered into small spaces in the wall.

How much does PEX piping cost?

Believe it or not, PEX piping is typically less expensive than traditional piping. This is due to the reduced labor costs with installing it. The cost of the material is less, and there is no need for some of the connecting pieces that the copper piping would require.

On average, a typical size home would cost between $7,500 and $15,000 to repipe using copper piping. With PEX piping, the project should cost between $5,000 and $7,000. Pricing will vary by project requirements, but this will give you a general idea of what you're looking at.

Are there any other benefits of using PEX piping?

The fact that there are fewer connecting pieces used to install the PEX piping will help to reduce the likelihood of leaks over the years.

PEX is also beneficial when connecting the new piping to the old piping. You won't have to re-run piping that is already installed because it can connect directly to it without issue.

Are there any disadvantages to using PEX piping?

Temperature is the only disadvantage to speak of. PEX piping is not meant for outdoor use. This is not only because of the fluctuating temperatures but also because the piping isn't designed to withstand the harsh rays of the sun.

Water that is over 180 degrees cannot be run through the piping. Doing so will cause damage and require more repair work.

If you are planning a plumbing repiping project, it's time to talk with your local plumber to learn if PEX piping is an option for your home. He or she will guide you to making the best decision that will last many, many years before you even need to consider having that space repiped again. For more information, contact a company like Cox Construction & Plumbing.


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