Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

3 Common Plumbing Issues To Look For In A New House

Darlene Stanley

Moving into a new home is supposed to be an exciting and wonderful start to a new chapter in your life, even if the actual process of moving can be busy and intense. However, issues with your new home can quickly transform the bliss of enjoying your new space into a nightmare of repairs, construction, and work necessary to get everything working properly. Before you pull the trigger and place an offer on a home, you should make sure that you've gotten a professional to look at some of the most common sources of plumbing issues in your potential new home to eliminate any surprises on moving day.

1. Aging Water Heater

The first part of the plumbing system that you should take a look at (and ideally have a professional plumbing inspector take a look at as well) is the water heater. This is one of the most important appliances within your home, as without it you won't be able to properly clean dishes, wash clothes, or bathe yourself. Look for any signs of rusting on the tank, any signs of water damage or leaks around the base of the tank, and keep an eye on the condition of the pipes attached to the heater in question. Be sure to ask how old the heater is as well; while it may still be in good condition, older water heaters are much less efficient at heating water and will carry higher utility bills with them as a result.

2. Toilets and Taps

While the water heater may be the most important appliance in your new home's plumbing system, the toilets and taps are the ones that are going to be seeing the greatest amount of use. Be sure to flush each toilet and run each tap for a few minutes to make sure that there are no leaks, no rusty water, and no broken components or other things that will need to be addressed after you move in.

3. Septic Tank

While this does not apply if you are moving into a place that has a sewage hookup, you should always be sure to inquire about the age and condition of the septic tank. You should also take a look around the drain field: if the area seems particularly lush, if there is a smell of sewage in the air and standing water on the ground, or if the ground appears lumpy or uneven, you should be wary that there is something wrong with the tank. A professional inspection will be able to give you a holistic view of the status of the septic tank and what upcoming costs you should expect if you purchase the property.

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Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

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