Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

DIY Repair Tips For Plumbing Projects Using PEX Water Pipe

Darlene Stanley

If your bathroom sink's crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) water pipe is leaking and you have never worked with this type of piping before, then the following DIY repair tips will ensure you achieve a professional result.

Tip: Stick to the Standard PEX Color Conventions

Since you will very likely not be the only person to ever work on your home's plumbing, make sure you always stick to the color convention of PEX plumbing pipe. The blue pipe is designed to be used for cold water lines, and the red is designed for hot water. While the pipes themselves are made of the same material and its easier to buy just one piece, do yourself and future DIYers a favor and stick to the color convention. By doing so, you will never have to wonder which line is the hot one and which is the cold.

Tip: Use Stainless Steel Cinch Rings to Attach Fittings

While there is a wide variety of different ways you can connect PEX pipe to its fittings, the easiest way is to use stainless steel cinch rings. You can purchase the rings and a cinching tool at your local hardware store. This attachment method is preferable over the others because the tool works with all of the different size cinch rings you will need for a variety of different applications and the supplies are readily available.

Tip: Be Careful When You Bend PEX Pipes

While PEX water pipe is valued for its ability to bend and flex, it is important you don't bend it too far or expect it to go around sharp corners. If you bend PEX too hard, it can crack or break. Additionally, the area that was bent too much will not have the same structural integrity as the rest of the pipe and could leak in the future.

Tip: Use a Stub Out to Connect PEX to Existing Copper Pipes

Finally, if you need an easy solution for connecting PEX water pipes to existing copper pipes or shutoff valves, then you should use a stub out. A stub out is a simple copper fitting that gives you a nice straight and solid connection where you can connect your PEX pipe. Simply slip the correct diameter of pipe over the stub out and crimp it down using one of your stainless steel crimp rings. Once in place, the connection will be stable and water-tight. 

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Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

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