Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

3 Indications It Is Time To Schedule Heating Repair Service

Darlene Stanley

It is now officially winter, so if your part of the country has not started seeing colder temperatures yet, it won't be long until it does. Now, it may be that your area doesn't get extremely cold during the winter, and if this is the case, you may not worry too much about your heating system. However, regardless of how cold the temperatures usually get, you will want to ensure that you get your heating system maintained regularly.

At some point, your heating system will require repair, and when this time comes, prompt repairs are important. But how exactly do you know when it is time to schedule heating repair service? There are many red flags that can signal the need for repairs. You just need to be familiar with what to look for.

Strange Odors or Sounds

The most common signs that something is wrong with your heating system are strange odors or sounds. If you have a boiler, it should operate virtually silently. If you have a furnace, you should barely hear it when it is in operation. If you hear rumbling coming from a boiler or a grinding noise from your furnace, it is important that you don't overlook the issue. The same can be said of fuel or burning odors that are coming from your heating system. These odors are signs that the system is not functioning safely or properly.

Uneven Heating

Another sign that there is a problem with your heating system is uneven heating. When there is uneven heating throughout the home, it could be a problem with the heat distribution system or the fuel delivery system. The problem may lie in the hydronic tubing or there could be leaks in the ducting. While the first won't cause real damage to your property, both of these can waste energy and result in high energy bills.

High Heating Costs

A third sign that could indicate a heating problem is a higher-than-normal heating bill. If it is a normal variation in your monthly bill, then you have nothing to worry about. You should be concerned if your bill significantly spikes, as this means that there is something somewhere that is causing your heating system to work harder with less efficiency.

If you notice any of the aforementioned signs of necessary heating repair, contact a professional heating contractor immediately to come out, inspect, diagnose, and repair the issue.


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Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

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