Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

Sewer Roots: Is There Any Way To End Tree Roots In Your Sewer Lines?

Darlene Stanley

Roots can be a big problem with the sewer lines of your home. They can get into pipes and stop up drains throughout your home. Some of these problems can easily be fixed with simple repairs, but others may require replacing sections of pipes that have been damaged. Therefore, you want to prevent root problems from coming back and damaging sewer lines. The following tips will help you deal with sewer line root problems and prevent them from coming back:

1. Clearing the Root Ball From the Sewer Line and Inspecting the Pipes For Damage

The roots from trees look for nutrients and moisture, which is something that sewer lines have plenty of. In the sewer lines, the roots begin to form balls that stop up the lines and can cause serious damage to the plumbing. Sometimes, these root balls can be removed with sewer cleaning methods, such as using high-pressure water jets. Have a sewer repair service clear the blockage to further inspect the damage to the pipes.

2. Using Pipe Lining Repairs to Retrofit Old Sewer Lines and Prevent More Problems

Once the root ball has been cleared from your sewer line, it is time to start consider repairs for the damage. If pipes have not been severely damaged by roots, then they can sometimes be retrofitted with a liner, which will help seal the pipe and prevent sediments and roots from getting in the lines and causing blockage.

3. Replacing the Damaged Section or Entire Sewer Line to Repair the Root Damage

Sometimes, the damage to sewer lines due to roots is too severe for easy repairs like pipe liners. If the roots have severely damaged your sewer lines, then the damaged section can be replaced to repair the damage. Sometimes, there may be other problems with sewer lines due to older materials. These can be repaired by replacing the entire sewer line to prevent future problems and costly repairs.

4. Solutions and Improvements to Help Keep the Roots Out of Your Sewer Lines

There are also many improvements that you can do to prevent the root problems from coming back and damaging sewer lines more in the future. You may want to consider removing large trees that are too close to pipes or utilities. In addition, there are also options for root barrier systems, which can be a treatment applied to the soil or a physical barrier that is buried beneath the soil and keeps roots out of sewer lines.

These are some tips to help you deal with sewer line problems and prevent them from returning once repairs have been done. Contact a sewer repair service for help with repairs and improvements to keep the roots out of your pipes.


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