Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

Questions You Might Have About The Septic System In Your New House

Darlene Stanley

If you've only recently found yourself in a home on septic, then you may have many questions about septic systems. They work differently than being connected to the sewer in that your home's plumbing waste will be directed to the on-site septic tank and leach field rather than carried away by sewer lines. If you have some questions about your septic system, see if you can find the answers to some of them here.

Are septic systems okay for the environment?

If you are a person who is concerned about the environment and you want to be sure your home isn't contributing to environmental issues unnecessarily, then you will want to know if your septic tank is environmentally friendly. The good news that you will be glad to know is that septic systems are actually beneficial for the environment. One reason why septic systems are helpful for the environment is that they prevent the sewage from your home from contributing to the waste at commercial treatment plants that often use artificial chemicals that are considered to be hazardous to treat waste. Instead, your septic system will use a natural process to break down waste.

Can rain cause issues for the septic system?

It is quite possible that you will experience problems with your septic system when there is a good rain, and the problems come in the form of flooding in the drain field. When there is flooding, this can cause the water to not be able to flow out of the tank. Since the water won't have anywhere to go, it can back up into the home. Luckily, there are things that you can do to prevent yourself from needing to deal with this type of issue. You can create a diversion that will carry the rainwater away from the area. Also, you can stay on top of repairs and make sure your septic tank is pumped as needed and that you also have the septic system cleaned according to a schedule that is recommended for optimal septic health.

Can the fumes from a septic system harm your health?

There is nothing pleasant about septic fumes, but you may be more concerned about whether inhaling those fumes is bad for your health than you will be about the bothersome smell of the fumes. While the fumes from a septic system will mostly be comprised of methane gas, which is odorless, the fumes can also include gases like carbon dioxide, which can be hazardous in confined spaces, such as a closed-up home. When it comes to the septic system, it would be extremely difficult for you to end up with enough of the hazardous fumes in your home to harm you while you were still able to tolerate the septic tank enough to remain in the home. However, if you begin to be bothered by a septic smell, then you want to have a plumber come out to check your plumbing lines, and you will want to see if the time has come for the septic system to be pumped and cleaned.

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