Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

What To Expect During A Water Heater Installation

Darlene Stanley

Are you in need of a new hot water heater? If so, it is important that you understand the steps involved in water heater installation before you hire a plumber to come get the job done. If you need a water heater replacement, then chances are high that you do not have a lot of time to wait for the installation to be done because you want hot water to be available the moment you need it. If you are in this situation, then learning the process is the best way to speed things along, and here is what you can expect.


Before any work is done, expect to talk with a plumber or a plumbing company about your water heater replacement needs. Oftentimes, these consultations can happen over the phone, but if you are at a store, they might happen in person. When you speak to a plumber, you need to be prepared to tell them where your water heater is located, the size of what you are needing in your water heater replacement as well as whether it is an electric or gas run unit. Once all the questions are answered, your plumber is better able to serve you and get your water heater installation underway.

Prior to the Plumber's Arrival

Before the plumber arrives, make sure that the area surrounding your water heater is clean and ready for a new unit to be installed. If there is dirt, buildup or anything else around the location, it can make it difficult for the plumber to get their job done. Make sure that you are prepared for their arrival and that the area is clean. Also, be prepared to have all of the water in your home shut off for the duration of their installation process.

During Installation

In order to fully drain your existing water heater, install the new one, and wait for it to fill with hot water, you need to plan for a few hours of work. Almost always, plumbers are able to get the job done in one day, but there might be situations that arise that make them have to come back the following day to finish up the job. Be sure to be in constant communication with your plumber to make sure you are aware of what is going on and how to best help them by being prepared and flexible. 

To learn more, contact a water heater installation contractor.


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