Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

2 Signs You Need to Pump Out Your Septic Tank

Darlene Stanley

If your house is out in the country, you very likely have a septic tank for all your wastewater to go into. You need to make sure that you take good care of your septic tank so that it will continue to last as long as possible. One of the things that you need to do is to have your tank pumped out regularly. How often regularly is depends on how big your tank is and how many people are using it. The average residential tank is around 1000 gallons, which could mean that you need to get it pumped out every three years or so. So, what are some signs that you need to have your septic tank pumped?

1. The Drains Stop Draining

One of the biggest signs that you need to have your tank pumped out is that your drains completely stop draining. Not only do they stop draining, but you will also notice that the other drains in your house start to back up. For example, if you flush your toilet, you might notice water coming up into your bathtub. That's because the pressure of the full tank is greater than the pressure that flushing the toilet creates, so everything is getting pushed back up through the pipes. Your drains may have been draining, if slowly, one day and then on the following day stop working altogether. Think of your tank like a teacup, one moment you can add in more liquid, then the next moment, your cup is full and overflowing. 

2. You Smell a Foul Odor

Another sign that you need to have your tank pumped out is that you notice a foul odor. That's from the gases that are generated as part of the wastewater processing and they have no place to go, so they are pushed out of the tank, up through the pipes or around the septic tank area. The odor may smell like methane or it may also smell like rotting vegetation or just a general rank odor. You might not smell it all the time, or you may only smell it when the toilet is being flushed, but you shouldn't smell it at all. 

If you notice that you are seeing these signs, you should get your septic tank pumped out. It generally doesn't tank all that long to get your septic tank pumped out, as long as the person doing the pumping doesn't have to go searching for your tank. 


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