Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

  • Dealing With Frozen Pipes

    Frozen pipes are often considered the scourge of the winter. As far as home repair goes, this is a common problem that most people experience. Chances are, your home will experience frozen pipes at least once in its lifetime. What is there to be done about frozen pipes? This article will help you prepare against experiencing frozen pipes, as well as serve as a guide for those who's pipes have already frozen.

  • Look, Listen, And Feel: Three Easy Steps To Finding A Leak

    Common household leaks, most of which are easily fixed, account for over one trillion gallons of lost water per year in the United States. While this is a huge environmental loss, it can also be significantly costly to your household as leaks that you don't know about can account for around ten percent of your water bill. In order to save money and prevent unnecessary wear on your plumbing system, it is important that you fix leaks as soon as possible.

  • Repair Or Replace Your Air Conditioner - 3 Tips To Make The Choice

    Air conditioning systems vary greatly in size and expense. The small window units are usually less expensive to buy and repair than large scale units, but they are prone to similar repair issues. Large units can cost a lot of money to repair, but can be used in lieu of several smaller units. This may even allow for a lower overall energy cost to cool your home or office. No matter which type of unit you use, it is important to take the cost of repair and replacement into consideration when the unit breaks down.

  • How To Troubleshoot 3 Common Central Air Problems

    Central air conditioning is one of the most important comfort features of your home. For most people, calling an HVAC technician is the immediate step they take after finding that their central air isn't working. However, there are several common central air problems that any homeowner can troubleshoot and fix. Here are three problems that you should attempt to tackle yourself before calling a technician. Central Air Won't Turn On

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    Avoiding the Wet Dog Look

    During the summer months, I enjoy taking care of my outdoor plants and flowers. Because I live in the southern United States, my vegetation needs water almost daily. Thankfully, I have a convenient outdoor faucet connected to my home. However, I recently endured some problems with this source of water. When I turned on the faucet, I was greeted with a forceful spray of water going in all directions. Before I could gather my senses and turn the water off, I resembled my dog after she jumps into a pool of water. To avoid the wet dog look in the future, I plan to hire a professional plumber to take care of my faulty faucet. On this blog, you will learn about the benefits of securing a reputable plumber to repair your problematic faucets.